Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NEW RELEASE: D.O.R.K. Series Box Set

Title: D.O.R.K. Series
Diary of a Rocker's Kid (#1)
The Sister Code (#2)
Twin Wars (#3)
Author: Haley Allison
Box Set Release Date: 1-31-17
Genre: YA Contemporary



Madison Daley has big dreams...and even bigger secrets.

Life on a Kentucky farm has never been full of thrills and drama. At seventeen years old, Madison still hasn’t seen much of the outside world. She’s determined her lack of money, style, and friends won’t hold her back from reaching for the stars once she’s finally legal and out on her own.

But when a family friend spills the true identity of her dad, a person she once thought she knew so well, Madison’s world is turned completely upside down.

More secrets.

And an adorable Italian actor who lives in the mansion next door.

Sometimes a computer screen can feel like your only friend - or your worst enemy.


Madison Daley has a lot to learn about her long lost twin, Raven Redinger...

...aka the most feared teen actress on the planet.

A publicity deal with Raven could be her only salvation or her ultimate downfall. Madison is sure she made the right decision
in choosing fame and family over love. The twins are determined to win the hearts of the public by faking an instant “twin
bond” that doesn’t exist...at least not for them.

But when Giovanni Abate comes waltzing back into her life, Madison’s resolve is tested.

Sisters before misters? That’s a thing, right?

Or is the “Sister Code” just another Hollywood fable?


Madison Daley has been sucked into the drama...

After a less-than-stellar birthday surprise, Madison has fallen into a full-on feud with her devious twin, Raven Redinger.

Madison is willing to do anything to get her revenge on Raven, even if it means stooping to her level. She’s not an angel, nor has she ever claimed to be.

Try convincing her new crush she’s not an angel, though.

War is full of bloodshed on both sides. Are Madison’s new friends as loyal as she thinks?

And could keeping a diary be Madison’s biggest mistake yet?

✰✰✰$0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME✰✰✰


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My stomach does a flip when the plane touches down on the runway in Los Angeles. I press my nose against the glass, trying to drink in every second of this huge moment. This was my first plane ride ever, and I loved it, especially since we got to ride first class. The whole way, amidst Ana’s chattering, I watched older, dignified people sip champagne and look all important as they kept their noses in books and laptops. 
There were some rich teenage guys in first class that looked us up and down when we first got here. They seemed impressed with Ana, but they didn’t linger on me long, as I expected. We overslept this morning, and I didn’t even have a chance to take a shower, let alone put on makeup or look any sort of presentable. This is the story of my life…not even fame can make me more attractive than her. 
We leave out of the gate and make our way through the airport, and all the way to baggage claim, people stare, point, and whisper about us. Dad puts on his shades again, trying to keep a low profile, but people recognize him and follow us as we pick up our bags and go to get a rental car. When they bring out their phones to take pictures of us, Dad groans and mutters under his breath, “I should have hired bodyguards.”
Bodyguards. We need bodyguards. Sometimes I still think I’m living in a dream. 
Dad picks up a rental car and drives us straight to the Beverly Hills neighborhood where the mansion is. Ana and I link arms as we ride down some more secluded streets in Beverly Hills. The houses we pass by are nothing short of spectacular. They’re all different styles, but each one looks like it cost at least a million dollars to create, whether in present times or past.
My chest constricts when Dad pulls into 21 Leighton Way and stops at the gigantic black gate, which is connected to a stone wall. He talks to someone through an intercom, and they open the gate quickly to grant us access. We drive up the long driveway to our home, and I grip Ana’s arm so hard that she winces. 
I’ve seen the mansion in pictures already, but nothing compares to stepping out of the rental car and seeing the real thing up close and personal. The mansion is two stories high, made of white cement, and the balconies have minimalist steel railings and sliding glass doors leading out from each bedroom. Black double doors with thin steel handles beckon me from the front of the house. As soon as Dad stops the car, I drop everything and shove my door open, running up to the front patio as Ana follows closely behind me. I stop in front of the doors with a heaving chest.
This is it. I’m about to see the house I should have grown up in.
I ring the doorbell, and I instantly recognize the tune. It’s custom-made with the melody from the chorus of “Tearing into Silence.” A thin brunette answers the door, and her eyes widen at the sight of me.
“Uh…may I help you?”
“Hi, I’m Madison Daley. I…well, technically, I live here.” 

Haley Allison is a South Carolina native. She discovered a love of writing at age fourteen and hasn't been able to turn off the motor fingers since then. Today she lives in a quiet country home with her husband, son, and Boston Terrier. She is a Communication major at Southern New Hampshire University and hopes to graduate with a B.A. degree sometime in the next couple of years. Her hobbies include composing piano music, nature photography, and blogging about books and authors.

Feel free to contact her at hallisonauthor@gmail.com. Haley loves interacting with readers and other authors.